I have worked as a consultant in the healthcare field for almost 20 years in various marketing and physician development roles. I’ve watched the structure of our system morph in multiple ways more times than I can count and slowly implode before my eyes.Technically, I’m living the American Dream as an entrepreneur, yet the cost of my health insurance as an independent person is as much as some people’s monthly mortgage payment. While we have the best doctors and latest treatment protocols available, the cost of every puzzle piece is exorbitant, and we may never get it under control. 

These high costs touch things we may never even think about. In the news recently, is the topic of the tremendous financial burden that our medical students endure and the amount of debt they walk away with after training. Thankfully, one school is making a difference. Here is an amazing story and interview conducted by Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. Thanks to Billionaire, Ken Langone and his wife, NYU med students can attend school tuition-free. I hope other institutions can follow suit with similar programs.