Some companies say things like, "Service is our middle name." Or, "Service is our business." Catchy, but cliché unless you can fully deliver on the promise. We do – by building long-term relationships with our clients.

Chameleon Company provides individualized marketing, communications and media relations strategies and turns them into concepts. Then we create the solution. And yes, that requires service. It also requires dedication and a strategic, driving focus toward the goal – even when clients deviate in different directions. Most importantly, it also means living in the skin of a chameleon, being able to adapt and change on the dime, every single day, multiple times a day while continuing to keep an eye on the big picture.

We've had lucky career paths that enabled us to become successful in many facets of the marketing and communications world. Thus, the label chameleon. First and foremost, we are writers. Writers of everything. That is where we got our start. Our areas of expertise range from start to finish, beginning with the creation of strategic marketing plans and ending with their implementation and measurement. We collaborate so closely with our clients that we blend in as part of their team (just like a chameleon does).

Our menu is diverse and includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating business and marketing plans and executing them through completion
  • Website development and content writing
  • Media relations
    • Writing and submitting pitch stories and press releases to news and online media outlets
  • Social media management
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, etc.
  • Copywriting
    • Advertising and sales/educational pieces, websites, television spots, radio spots (including production), videos, presentations, magazine articles, books, social media, ghost writing
    • Trade media as well as consumer platforms
    • Songwriting
  • Publishing
    • Books
    • Songs/Music
  • Marketing project management
    • Graphic design, printing, mailing, website and other vendor/fulfillment
  • Physician to physician business development